Your baby is crying in Tummy Time - what's your next move?

Give up again, frustrated that your baby hates Tummy Time.

Hope the couple of moms in your Facebook group who say "my baby never did Tummy Time and he's fine" might be right even though everything else you've read says Tummy Time is important. Vow to fib a little when the pediatrician asks at baby's next appointment if you're doing Tummy Time every day.

Keep Tummy Time going while trying to ignore the baby cries and your inner "guilty-mom voice" for making your baby miserable.

Struggle to pay more attention to your "do-everything-right voice" because you've heard from baby experts that Tummy Time is important for your kiddo's development. So you're doing the right thing.

But if it's right ... why does it feel so wrong? Now your "do everything right voice" is wondering if your baby's crying because you aren't doing Tummy Time the right way?! 

Begin a frustrating Google search for Tummy Time answers that offers you no specific, clear help. 

Your days of Tummy Time tears, uncertainty, guilt and confusion are over.

Finally, you have access to the complete guide to tear-free Tummy Time from a trusted infant development expert.





In just one hour you'll receive the complete set of recommendations, tools, tips and tricks you'll need to rock tear-free tummy times with your squishy baby:

  • An appreciation for allllll the benefits of Tummy Time and why baby expert's think it's such a BIG DEAL for development (hint: it's not just about neck strength).

  • A clear plan for getting your baby's optimal amount of Tummy Time each day (even when your days are crazy busy or your kiddo is in childcare).

  • A thorough understanding of Responsive, Respectful Tummy Time (no crying allowed)

  • Ways to modify Tummy Time for babies who aren't loving it

  • An understanding of important Tummy Time milestones 

  • Knowledge of how to play with your baby in Tummy Time at different ages to work on the 4 goals of Tummy Time

  • Specific handling techniques for teaching your baby to roll into and out of Tummy Time (back to belly and belly to back rolls)

  • Strategies for troubleshooting common Tummy Time problems (FULL COURSE ONLY)



I've helped thousands of babies with Tummy Time and I'm here to help yours.

I'm Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L. And I'm a firm believer in the power of good information from trusted professionals to help assuage our mama and papa anxieties and empower us to parent to our highest potential.

As a pediatric Occupational Therapist for over 12 years, I've helped thousands of families confidently and playfully enjoy Tummy Times with their babies. And for many of those babies, Tummy Time wasn't easy.  

As a mama of three,  I've lived the daily challenges of Tummy Time with 3 very different tiny humans.   

As the total child development nerd behind CanDoKiddo.com, I field Tummy Time questions from readers and followers on a daily basis. 
I created this course as a way to share my OT expertise and experience with fellow parents to paint a really clear picture of EXACTLY how to do respectful, responsive Tummy Time with your new baby.



The course was actually designed by parents just like you! It's one hour of content based on the most commonly asked questions I receive about Tummy Time so it made sense to present alllllllll the content in Q & A format. 

Here are the exact questions answered in each Part of the course:

Part 1: Tummy Time Basics 

1. Why is Tummy Time worth my time and effort? Why is it so good for babies?
2. Why do some people say that babies don’t need Tummy Time?
3. How old should baby be when we start doing Tummy Time?
4. How old should baby be before I put him on the floor for Tummy Time?
5. What if my floor isn’t safe for Tummy Time?
6. How old should baby be when I stop doing Tummy Time?
7. What counts as Tummy Time - Babywearing? Carrying baby on my shoulder?
8. How can I make holding and carrying my baby count as Tummy Time?
9. What should I do when my baby cries in Tummy Time?
10. What should I do if my baby falls asleep in Tummy Time?
11. How much daily Tummy Time should my baby be doing?
12. What do I do if my baby only does Tummy Time for 1-2 minutes at a time?
13. Is it possible to do too much Tummy Time?
14. How am I going to fit lots of Tummy Time into my crazy days?
15. How do I get my baby’s daycare or sitter on board with Tummy Time?
16. What’s the best way to get baby into and out of Tummy Time?
17. What are the best ways to play with my baby in Tummy Time?
18. What should Tummy Time look like at different ages?
19. What should I be doing during Tummy Time?
20. What Tummy Time products might help my baby?

Part 2: Tummy Time Troubleshooting 

1. How do I know when to help and how much to help my baby in Tummy Time?
2. What should I do if my baby doesn’t lift his head in Tummy Time?
3. Should I help position baby’s arms in Tummy Time?
4. How can I help my baby push up through straight arms in Tummy Time?
5. How can I teach my baby to roll back to belly and belly to back?
6. How can I do Tummy Time with my baby who has reflux?
7. What should I do when if baby rolls out of Tummy Time?
8. What should I do if my baby just swims or flies her arms in Tummy Time?
9. Why does my baby hate Tummy Time?
10. What if despite all my efforts my baby never tolerates much Tummy Time?






What ages is this course good for? This course is ideal for babies from 1 day old until baby can get into and out of sitting on his own and/or is getting into hands and knees in preparation for crawling. You don't even need to have had your baby yet - this course is PERFECT for expectant parents!

Can I just buy Part 2: Tummy Time Troubleshooting? In order to fully understand the recommendations in Part 2 of the course you'll need to have the foundational understanding and skills from Part 1. For this reason, Part 2 is only available bundled with Part 1 of the course. If you purchase Part 1 now and decide you want to add Part 2 later - don't worry -  it's easy to upgrade your course access (but you lose the bundle discount price).

Can I give the course as a gift? Absolutely! The best way to do that is after notifying the recipient of your gift, purchase the course and enter the recipient's best email address at checkout. They will receive a welcome email (without any payment information) that invites them to log in to the course. 

Will I have off-line access to the course? The course dashboard and video modules are only available when you have internet access. 

Can I share access to the course? You can certainly share access to the course with your parenting partner or direct caregivers of your child. The course and all content included are copyrighted and may not be shared with groups or with individuals not directly involved in the care of your child. Want permission to use course content in a specific way that I haven't mentioned? Email me!

What if I'm not happy with my purchase? I'm confident that you'll find Baby's Best Tummy Time informative, helpful and fun. But if for any reason you aren't happy with your purchase in the first 30 days, I'm happy to offer a full refund. 

Still have a question? Email me!